Advanced dentistry does not treat only the teeth but also cares about the health of the entire oral cavity. Therefore we always prepare an individual treatment plan for each patient because there is no two identical cases. The sophisticated tools are used during treatments e.g loupes and the endodontic microscope, digital x-rays and smile analysis. Accordingly we provide comprehensive care for all patients with the ability to obtain the best aesthetic results.

We ensure the dental treatment that effect a healthy, beautiful smile:
  • the most innovative methods of conventional dentistry (fillings, inlays, onlays, reconstructions on core build up)
  • endodontic treatment with microscope that assures best quality
  • prosthetic reconstructions relating to  patients' needs
  • aesthetic dentistry giving new, young and natural smile
  • dental surgery and implant treatment
  • preventing programme with oral health monitoring
  • children treatment without pain and stress
  • periodontic diseases treatment and prevetion